4. Publication and endorsement by the Church of England of devotional prayers and other materials for LGBTI people

  • The Church of England to endorse a range of prayers and liturgies, which reflect and celebrate the lives and loves of LGBTI people.

Key contact: Tracey Byrne

5. Liturgical materials for use in church after civil partnerships, the marriage of same-sex couples and to affirm change of name and welcome after gender transition

  • An official service of dedication and prayer in Common Worship available for those clergy who wish to use it
  • Clear guidance given to clergy about what they can and cannot do.

Key contact: The Reverend Canon Steven Saxby

6. Parishes that wish to do so should be able to celebrate same-sex marriages and to mark the continuation of a marriage when a partner transitions gender

  • Clergy and parishes to be able to act in line with their own theological perspective, as with divorced couples, women bishops, and celebrate same-sex marriages if they want to.
  • The General Synod to bring forward legislation that will enable those clergy who want to celebrate same-sex marriages to be able to do so, while protecting the legal rights of clergy who are conscientiously opposed.

Key contact:  Savi Hensman

Download LGBTI Mission (PDF)

One thought on “Loving

  1. My particular task with @lgbtimission relates to priority 5 above.

    I would therefore be grateful to any who have developed liturgical materials if they would send them to me. All submissions will be treated anonymously and will be a great help to furthering our mission.

    Peace to all,

    Steven. – stevensaxby@btinternet.com


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