1. Official recognition and acceptance of theological diversity within the church on issues of human sexuality and gender variance.

  • Accepting different views of human sexuality and gender and an end to insistence that there is only one acceptable view.
  • Bishops feeling encouraged and able to share  their thoughts and beliefs on this issue in public.

Key contact: The Right Reverend Alan Wilson

2. The fostering of a culture of safety for LGBTI children and young people within the church, its schools and its institutions.

  • Church of England schools to organise programmes to prevent and respond to homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, and offering diversity role models
  • Faith communities, festivals and youth gatherings to actively demonstrate that they provide welcoming, accepting and affirming spaces for LGBTI people.
  • Schools to ensure curricula present the range of theological views as developed by the Theological Resource Group and key educational partners.

Key contact: Ruth Harley

3. A rigorous affirmation that the rites of baptism, confirmation, holy communion and funerals should not be denied to anyone on the grounds of their own or others’ sexuality or gender identity.

  • Bishops to reiterate and affirm in public statements that the Church of England will not deny any person access to these rites because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Bishops to reaffirm to clergy that the denial of these rites is not acceptable, and that where they are unable in conscience to act themselves, they must arrange for another person to do so.

Key contact: Jeremy Timm

Download LGBTI Mission (PDF)

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