Our priorities


1. Official recognition and acceptance of theological diversity within the church on issues of human sexuality and gender variance.

2. The fostering of a culture of safety for LGBTI children and young people within the church, its schools and its institutions.

3. A rigorous affirmation that the rites of baptism, confirmation, holy communion and funerals should not be denied to anyone on the grounds of their own or others’ sexuality or gender identity.


4. Publication of devotional prayers and other materials for LGBTI people, and endorsement by the Church of England.

5. Liturgical materials for use in church after civil partnerships, the marriage of same-sex couples, and to affirm change of name and welcome after gender transition.

6. Parishes that wish to do so should be able to celebrate same-sex marriages and to mark the continuation of a marriage when a partner transitions gender.


7. Those in same-sex marriages to be allowed to enter the ordination process.

8. All diocesan or national policies that discriminate against LGBTI ordinands to be revoked.

9. The establishment of a national policy that marital status is not to be a barrier in any appointment to authorised ministry, including lay ministry and episcopacy.

Download LGBTI Mission (PDF)