Lambeth 1.10 hitlist condemned

The LGBTI Mission condemns the latest attempt by conservative evangelicals to bully the House of Bishops of the Church of England, who resume their consideration of sexuality matters next week.

On Sunday, GAFCON UK issued  a hitlist, containing some names of people who have, according to them, “violated” the terms of the 1998 Lambeth Conference Resolution 1.10 -Human Sexuality –  by various forms of action which express support for same-sex relationships.

Despite GAFCON UK denials, publishing this hitlist is an open invitation for people to harass those named in it. The statement appears however to be having the opposite effect, in that those named have expressed delight at their inclusion, and many people have complained that they were not included, with comments on Twitter such as this:

Being honest? Wanting an inclusive church that welcomes all made in God’s image? Praying for change? Better name and shame me too then!!

We are confident that the bishops will recognise this bullying tactic for what it is, and we assure them of our prayers as they work to lead the church into a place where we can live with diversity and with integrity.

Simon Sarmiento, Chair.




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