Daily Telegraph reports launch of LGBTI Mission

John Bingham reported on our launch in this Telegraph article:

Gender transition services and same-sex weddings call for Church of England

His report quoted Simon Sarmiento:

Simon Sarmiento, chair of the LGBTI Mission, said: “Now is the time for the Church of England to practise what it preaches and show love towards its LGBTI neighbours.

“We’ve seen the Church make huge strides towards equality in recent years, most notably through the 2014 legislation enabling women to become bishops, and it’s now essential that LGBTI equality is similarly cemented in our institution.

“We know that this is what most people in the Church of England want.

“We believe that each of the asks we’ve outlined is achievable and, frankly, essential.”

And he quoted Bishop Alan Wilson:

The new campaign group’s aims will be fiercely opposed by conservative Anglicans who believe that any endorsement of “homosexual practice” goes against the teaching of the Bible.

But Bishop Wilson said: “Lots of people are going around saying sorry, it’s great fun saying sorry – but what has actually changed?

“The LGBTI Anglicans say we can’t carry on as we have done – you can’t say ‘can we carry on having blacks-only beaches’ if you say you want to dismantle apartheid.

“Repentance is about change of mind and renewal.

“There is plenty of evidence of a change of mind, there is a genuine wanting to move on but if you want to move on you have to go somewhere different to where you are now.”

He added: “In a lot of this I don’t think the Church has to change its doctrine of marriage – it just has to apply it to same-sex couples.”


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